Vacation photo’s – View them at your own risk

I had a fun fantastic snow-covered day filled with video games and netflix.

Looking out my window before getting called out of work.

I was completely snowed in today and relished every moment of it.  I’m trying to hold onto these last few hours of guilt-free inertia.  I’m laying in bed with the lights down low, three candles burning and my heat blazing – I’m laying here in tranquil serenity after playing Heavenly Sword (PS3 game) and watching documentaries on netflix all day since 10 am.  It was a perfect day.

Last night I returned home from a weekend in New Hampshire at my friends time-share.  We went skiing, ice skating, watched Black Sheep and played dominos by the fireplace in the lobby of our condo.

Singing along while watching Aladin. My friends are every bit as awesome as I am.

Brian picked up a bottle of Cabo Wabo and we all had a few shots.  I was especially effected by it because I drank my shots with two strong cocktails and some beer, and later on that night, I got my period.  Women on the rag get crazy when they drink.

Kristina’s brother, Brian, let me take pictures of him posing him however I wanted.

Hello? Can I please get some damn service in this joint?

Me and my new lover.

Late at night in the condo's lobby, Brian sleeps on the stairs.

Kristina is hard at work making beef stew that she won't eat because she doesn't like beef.


Cross country skiing

Despite what experts tell you, snow helps when you cross-country ski.

New hampshire

Kristina gets parmasan cheese all over herself and we laugh at her.

I become increasinly annoying when I drink and like to take pictures of people when they sleep. (Sorry I didn't get any other picures of you, Dave :()

Well, I better watch some more netflix before it gets too late.  And I need to eat something sweet like pie or ice cream because it’s a snow day and nothing you do counts on a snow day.  The snow whites everything out.

Hopefully I’ll post something a bit more interesting tomorrow other than vacation photo’s.

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