The Road Less Traveled

Cover of "The Road Less Traveled"

Cover of The Road Less Traveled

I’m laying in bed quite comfortably and trying to read The Road Less Traveled.  I bought it at a tag sale a few months back for 50 cents and I still can’t get past the first page without spacing out in deep thought.

On the first page, the author, M. Scott Peck, mentions the first of the Four Noble Truths – “Life is Suffering”.  It is the first truth that Buddha taught.  He said that once this first truth is accepted, life would be less difficult.

I spaced out after reading that.  I already knew about Buddha’s Four Noble Truths, but can never seem to remember them.

According to Silvia Browne, she also tells us that life is meant to be difficult.  We come here in hopes of growing spiritually by confronting challenges.

I was challenged twice today by my clients.  One of them being that Russian lady, and the other was my last client of the day – a black guy who wanted a deep tissue sports massage to his legs only.  Sports massage involves a lot of heavy lifting on my part and deep muscle manipulation.  I have to pick up his heavy legs, manuever them around and stretch them – it’s an unpleasant arduous task with little rewards.

I read his client in-take form.  The last therapist who worked on him wrote that he complained a lot and would not let her do her job.    I thought he sounded like a prick, but I shrugged my shoulders and went to get him out of the tranquility room.  He tells me what he wants, and I flippantly say, “Okay you got it.”

I’m a hard person to rattle.  I confront most challenges with not exactly confidence, but a commitment to do my job well, and if they don’t like it, tough shit. 

I grudgingly accept these difficult clients and think of them more like a nuisance rather than a divine challenge bestowed upon me by Buddha’s first Noble Truth.  I’ve  been doing this job for quite some time now, afterall.

Oh no I think I’m rambling.  It’s 1:30 in the morning and I haven’t slept in more than 24 hours.  I’m not supposed to be writing because it gives me insomnia, but oh well.

Anyway, this man, knowing full-well that he was going to be stretched out, thought it a good time to leave off his knickers.  He’s the second black guy of all time to let his cheeks hit the sheets.  Stretching someone’s leg out in all direction with nothing but a sheet covering the trouser snake, well, it’s a daunting task to say the least.

But I remained unrattled.  I was more perturbed than challenged.  I draped him the exact same way I draped the Russian, only this time I turned the lights down really low as a precaution in case anything popped out.

Seriously, what are people thinking when they do things?  What am I thinking when I write things?

Oh yeah my point is that after massaging difficult clients, my regular massage (the massage that I give everyone) is extraordinarily easy to give.  But I digress.  I digress because I’m freakin’ tired and digressing is a term used by sophisticated people (such as myself) who think that whatever they’re saying is gold and they’re so sorry to have to displease everyone by shutting up.

I’ll attempt to read page two of this book tomorrow.

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