Bomb head

Leonardo diVinci, possibly the greatest mind that ever existed, lived by seven principles (according to intensive study).

One of his principles was called Sfumato, meaning “going up in smoke.”  The more he learned, the more questions came tumbling in, and the more ambiguous the answers became.  He stood on the precipice of paradox over looking the infinite.  He held on to his creative nature while seeing duality in everything. 

I’ve been feeling the sfumato lately.  First off, all I want to do is sleep and/or stay home.  My brain gets cloudy when I read a lot and the cloudiness makes me want to avoid people, stay home and read even more.  It’s a vicious cycle to say the least.  But I haven’t been staying home, I’ve been going out and floating around.

I might just have ear problems.  I’m not actually feeling the sfumato repercussions of uncertainty,  But blockage from extra fluid between my ears. 

I googled ‘plugged ears’ to look for solutions, and hydrogen peroxide was the most frequently used remedy.  That seems a little harsh.  We make bombs out of hydrogen and they want me to stick it in my ears? 

My dad suffers from the same blocked ears as I do.  I’m going to try out his ear drops and see if they work.  Then I’ll do the hydrogen peroxide if the drops don’t work and if the hydrogen peroxide doesn’t work, I’m going to do ear candling.  My brain will be squishy with flammables and I’m going to stick a candle (It burns down like a wick) in my ear and light it on fire.  Then I would experience sfumato for sure.

I’m at Starbucks and Amanda is sweeping the floor by my feet.  I’m tempted to throw my wrapper on the floor to see if she would sweep it up without saying anything.  She wished me a happy birthday (it’s not my birthday).

I haven’t been to Starbucks in two weeks.  My blog’s been suffering.

Everyday I pray for something horrible to happen to me so I have something to write about.  But nothing happens to me.  Except for building a homemade bomb in my head.

Yesterday I went to see Black Swan with Kristina and Sarah (the girl I’m going to stay with in South Korea), then went to panera bread where I drank a chai latte and ate an orchard harvest salad.  Then we went to marshells and I bought Hello Kitty underwear to prepare me for Korea.  Then I went to Kristina’s parents house and gave them a bag of coffee grounds for christmas (they gave me a beer because they know I love beer).  Then I went to Happy Tuesday to drink with the guys. 

The day before yesterday is too long ago for me to recall.

Ahhhhh I’m late I’m late!  I’m going to be late for work!  Ahhhhhh.  I gotta go.  I don’t want to go.  I gotta.

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