My brain feels funny, like it climbed the rope in gym class

On a subatomic level, our bodies are .001% matter and 99.999% space.  The same goes for the universe – It’s composed of .001% matter and 99.999% space.

Does that mean we are more not-here than here?

Neuroscientists say that our unconscious outweighs the conscious ten million to one.  So not only do our bodies barely exist, but our own minds are scarcely known to us.

I just read How to think like Leonardo da Vinci in two days.  My mind is a little over-whelmed at the moment.  I wish Leonardo was my grandfather.  We could skip rocks over lakes while having profound meaningful conversations, we can take tango lessons together, eat oreo’s…

All I want to do lately is read. 

I watched Shutter Island last night while making a montage of all the places I want to visit.

I cut out pictures from a travel magazine I get every month.

Shutter Island is a great movie even though I knew the ending from the very beginning.  Was it obvious to everyone?  Or am I just profoundly brilliant?

I know, I know, I’m profoundly brilliant.


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9 responses to “My brain feels funny, like it climbed the rope in gym class

  1. brie brie

    i had know clue about the ending, so yes, you are brilliant. actually, my brother used that word to refer to leonardo dicaprio’s acting in the movie. “brilliant, just brilliant” is what i say to him all the time these days to tease him. its fun to tease him 🙂

    • Yes Leonardo was brilliant in that movie, PJ is right. I hope he wins an award. He should’ve won an award for Titanic or blood diamond and departed – He’s a really good actor.

  2. Kali

    im in love with that montage ❤

    • It was a lot of fun making it. When my dad saw it he asked me what it was for and I told him its photo’s from all the places I want to see, and he tells me not to travel alone and to remember that everyone hates americans.

      • Kali

        haha asians generally like americans. and when my friend went to africa, the kids there wanted to touch her hair and lick her skin because they had never seen somebody who was white before

        • Lol, I’ll tell my dad I will be licked more likely than kicked. I hope your massage was awesome tonight, Todd is the man. I’m going to miss him when he moves 😦

  3. Kali

    it was awesome. and i needed it. i know buuuuut now we are both up in boston for you to visit 🙂 🙂

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