I won the lottery!

Okay, so it was only $4, but I still won!  I got the powerball and a white ball number.  It’s a good start.  Next time I’ll get all of them.

When I was 19 I bought Anthony Robbins’ Personal Power II 30 day motivation program.  I’m listening to it now and he’s telling me that failure is impossible.  If failure is impossible, then I WILL win the lottery next time I play.


My Dad called Cabella’s (sporting goods store) today and told them that his brand new boots are falling apart.

Woman on the phone – Your name sir?

Dad – Francis (our last name)

Woman on the phone – According to our records, you bought those boots 13 years ago.  I’m sorry, but I can’t help you with 13 year old boots.

Dad – Wow, you guys keep good records.


Anthony Robbins is telling me to get up right now and do something that I’ve been putting off.  He’s talking about avoiding pain and gaining pleasure.  It’s some good stuff.

We are driven by the carrot and the stick.  The stick is pain and the carrot is pleasure.  Use both of them to obtain your goals.


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4 responses to “I won the lottery!

  1. Steph

    your dad fricken cracks me up!! LOL I love him!

  2. Holly

    I started tearing up when I read the story about your dad!! Way too funny!

    • Yeah he does stuff like that all the time. My mom got $50 worth of free chocolates because she complained that the can they came in was dented – I saw it, it was just a little dent. They’re a couple of old swindlers.

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