True Blood

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I went upstairs yesterday to make some breakfast.

Me – Is there any coffee in there for me?

I say as I motion towards the metal coffee pot.

Dad – Yeah there’s some left.  What movie did you get in the mail?

Me – It’s not for you.

Dad – Oh it’s another one not for me?

My Dad starts snickering and taking sips of his coffee.

Dad – Whats it about?

Me – There’s a lot of sex in the first episode, a lot of violence and swearing.  It’s about vampires living amongst us and they’re accepted into society.  They don’t have to kill people for blood because the Japanese formulated synthetic blood called True Blood.

My dad’s eyes lit up.  And I could see his big old man ears perking up to hear more.

Dad – Oh I want to see it!  Don’t return it yet.

Me – Okay, but hurry up and watch it cause I want the next one.

We’re starting to watch True Blood.  In the first episode I watched this young horny guy getting a blow job while watching a porn video of a scary vampire having butt sex.  The vampire was growling, making evil sounds and his body was moving faster than normal – it freaked me out and I did not want my dad to watch it just because of that scene.  He’s old and I don’t want him having nightmares.

When I got home last night after having some margarita’s with Kristina and her brother, my dad told me that the DVD wasn’t working for him.  He missed most of the first episode.  That’s good.  Hopefully he missed that creepy scene.  But he said he wants to watch the next episodes and that he’ll mail out the dvd’s tomorrow.

The sex scenes are more explicit than they were in Spartacus.  The people are fully naked and sweaty and there are more convulsions happening.  It may be worse than Spartacus, I don’t know.

I’m glad me and my father are finding things to bond over.


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7 responses to “True Blood

  1. Steph

    I LOVE TRUE BLOOD!!!!!!!!!!! 🙂 Remember we watched all those episodes at my house after my b-day! 🙂 WOOT

  2. Holly

    MEL – I thought this was going to be our next sunday night/dinner/movie/parties 😦 Watch them with us!!! I like that you and pop can bond over the shows…

    • I’m sorry Holly 😦 of course we can watch them over your house on Sunday! I already returned the first disc, so you have to rent it, ok? Dont forget! do this soon so we can watch it next Sunday and I’ll bring over the second disc too and we’ll watch a whole bunch. I hope K and Tara like vampires.

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  4. brie brie

    such a good show. paul and i have watched all the episodes so far. a little bit too much nudity for me though. my poor innocent eyes.

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