Fun with Mad Libs

I’m sitting across from Kristina at Cheshire Coffee.  We both have our computers out and we’re typing away.  I don’t know what to type actually, so I’m going to write a mad lib.  The first person to give me the words will get to see their story come to life in my next post.

1. Person

2. Sound

3. Thing

4. Odor

5. Emotion

6. Place

7. Verb

8. Article of clothing

9. Thing

10. Topic of conversation

11. Thing

12. Emotion

13. Verb past tense

14. Verb

15. Body part

16. Adjective

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One response to “Fun with Mad Libs

  1. Holly

    I’m going to ask Tara all of these thing…she hasnt read the post.
    1. Abe Lincoln 2. tv 3. laptop 4. feet 5. happy 6. Argentina 7. run 8. sweater 9. blanket 10. online ordering 11. bell 12. excited 13. yelled 14. watch 15. arm 16. pretty
    Tara just asked if I was dong Mad Libs!!

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