I just re-read my ‘Are you Okay’ post and I can see it being a little harsh.  I need to censor what I write so not to hurt anyone’s feelings. 

I’m worried I’m going to ostracize myself.  People won’t want to talk to me because of my stupid big power-of-press mouth.

And everything I write comes out sounding worse than it actually is.  Not that I embellish or anything.  I don’t know why this happens. 

I just thought of why this happens.

It’s because nobody can see my facial expressions!  Facial expressions are the only true way of understanding each other.

It’s easy to get road rage because you can’t see the other drivers ‘I’m sorry’ face as he nearly hits your car.  If you saw the guilt in their eyes, it’s easier to forgive them.

Also why people get so upset at text messages, emails and the like.  If you can’t see the other persons face, you can’t tell what they are really feeling.  This is why it’s important to use those little smiley faces, or the good ol’ reliable lol acronym.

Half of what we communicate is non-verbal.  So half of what I write will be misunderstood.  Right?  I don’t know. 


Sometimes the smiley faces can get confusing  :):(:

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