Are you Okay?

I woke up early Monday morning to my phone ringing.  It was my job calling.  I put the phone on silent and went back to sleep.  I thought they were calling me into work and didn’t think it a big deal if I didn’t answer.

The same thing happened on Tuesday, only this time I got a phone call and a text from them.  Apparently a few months ago I told someone I would cover their shifts for Monday and Tuesday, and me being me, I completely forgot.

When I do remember to work, I’m always on time and never call in sick or late – I’m an ideal non-complainer, dependable employee.  So when something as drastic as this happens – two back to back no call no show’s, people are going to think I’m lying in a ditch somewhere.  But I came into work today being my relatively chipper self, and one of the girls I work with asked me if I’m okay.

“Yeah, I’m good.”

“Are you sure?”  She sounded really concerned. 

I think for a moment about my recent blog posts and wondered if I sounded depressed or maybe I wrote something tragic that she was referring to.  I couldn’t think of anything.

Me – “Yeah, I’m the same as always.”

“You look skinny.”

Me – “Sometimes I don’t eat.  I have really bad eating habits.”  I was going to tell her that I’m lazy and don’t eat unless there is food made and sitting directly in front of me, but I had a client waiting in the tranquility room so I just told her “I get hungry, but I don’t eat sometimes.”

I guess it sounded bad the way I worded it because she started asking me if I ever had counseling.

Ummmm, what?

Me – “No”  I knew where she was going with this and I didn’t like it.  I was already jittery from my morning coffee, and now I started getting a bit more anxious.

“Are you against counseling?”

“No, not at all.”

“Because I know some great therapists that can help you out if you need to talk to someone.”

That’s all very nice, but now I feel like a crazy person.  Maybe I really should dump my blog.

I don’t get it cause when I’m at work I’m social, I laugh and get along with my clients and co-workers, I don’t feel crazy.  Am I over-looking something?  Do I have a facial tick?

She’s a nice girl and I like her, but she seriously bugged me out before my first massage.  I think she reads my blog.

Me – “I have a weird metabolism, my weight fluctuates like crazy.  I must be having a skinny month.”  Then I nervously went to greet my client feeling like I sprouted baby eggplants growing out my nostrils.

My last client was a doctor who wanted a two hour deep tissue.  He said I should get a job at Gaylord hospital and that he knows a connection for me.  My prosperity corner is working perhaps?  He went on and on about how good the massage was that I thought he was a compliment tipper – someone who tips in kind words other than giving me cash.  But he tipped well.  So I must not come off that crazy to people.  He came off as being slightly pompous – very pompous, actually.  But I can handle anyone.

I’m good, really.  I mean so my life isn’t perfect, but there are things I can do to change it.  There is no permanence to my situation so why fret?  And I just bought a really nice jacket at Marshalls.  It’s a grey Guess wool peacoat that’s perfect for the winter.  No more blue-collar jacket for me 🙂

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