I was making my fab spinach & feta omelette yesterday for breakfast when I overhear my dad asking where the stamps are.

Me – You can have one of my stamps.  They’re in my car.  You can mail out my netflix while you’re at it.

Pop – What movie is it?

Me – Its not for you.

Pop – Why’s it not for me?  What’s in it?

Me – Lots of swearing, violence, nudity and sexual stuff.  I don’t want you watching it.

Pop – It sounds like I would like it.

My dad went to the cottage in Rhode Island for a few days and taken Spartacus with him.  He taken it after I told him not to.  Now he’s watching women fingering each other, men walking around stark naked saying ‘cock’ every chance they get, and in the last episode, two men had sex with each other.

I’m in Starbucks.  There’s a gay guy that works here and he’s a super cutie.  He comes in even when he’s not working.

I don’t know what else to write.

I’m not normal, but I’m sure you all know that by now.  I go through phases where I watch the same movie over and over for weeks, sometimes months at a time.  Well, I don’t exactly watch it, I have it playing in the background while I get ready to go out. 

I started watching Lost in Translation before work today.  I love that movie.  It makes me think about my upcoming trip to South Korea in February.  Have I told you about that yet?  I chose February purposely to avoid being here for my birthday on stupid Valentines day.  I have a phobia about being alone on my birthday.  Nobody ever wants to hang out with me because its Valentines day.  It’s only the worst, lamest day of the year.  Some guy gets beheaded for marrying people and we all have to suffer?

Well, I have at least one friend who was always with  me on my birthday, but next year she’ll be in Italy.  Italy!  Who can I rely on now?

I got to get back to work.  Two more to go.


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9 responses to “Hi

  1. sarah

    Mel be my valentine?

    • Okay you got it. I’m always depressed on that day, its horrible. Last year I was in Myrtle beach for my birthday and I was still depressed. Only for that day though.

  2. Holly

    I think I may be here for your birthday after all!!!! I believe I am leaving on February 17th. I’ll have to get the exact date that we are leaving on; but if you go to South Korea, you’ll have a great time and you should definately go visit. Dont plan stuff around my schedule – I’ll make your birthday cake for you before you go 🙂

  3. Steph

    I’m dying over here thinking of your dad watching that movie.
    Mel come visit me on Vday! I never do anything haha

  4. Holly

    You should fly to Steph’s on your way home…you may end up going across the USA anyway. Maybe I’ll meet you there 🙂
    And about your birthday – we’ll either celebrate it early, or on your birthday I’ll send you a cake to your cave 🙂

  5. Steph

    You aren’t going to South Korea. I won’t let you. North Korea just bombed South Korea. it isn’t safe.

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