Stfu idgaf

I feel like I’m in my living room right now, but no, I’m in Starbucks sitting on a little couch thats just big enough for me and my legs.  I’m sitting comfortably next to the counter, so my little buddies working can just lean over and hand me my goodies. 

I ordered my classic grande soy latte, and a ranchero wrap (this is breakfast food, but I like it cause its a few $$ cheaper than a regular sandwich.  If I was really cheap, I would order an espresso in a medium cup and take the cup over to the condiment counter and fill it up with milk – viola, instant latte à la Mel).

I am so tired – ugh.  Hercules will have to wait to get his damn hat back.  He should’nt have left it in my car to begin with.

I got my period today.  Tmi?  Idgaf.

I feel like such an inconsiderate slob right now.  I’m practically laying down in Starbucks, eating my ranchero wrap and letting the crumbs get all over my work shirt – then I pick these crumbs off my shirt (the same shirt I just gave 3 massages in), and you know what I do?  You know what I do with these crumbs?  I eat them while I crack up reading text messages from Stephanie and Holly responding to my last text telling them that my tampon was too small and it’s a SUPER PLUS!  Ha.  I’m nuts today.

Tmi?  Stfu.

Three more massages 😦 *tear*


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3 responses to “Stfu idgaf

  1. Steph

    That cracks me up about the crumbs!!!!!!!! OMG I would have done the same thing haha
    now go put in your super plus tampon 🙂

  2. Steph

    Ha!!!!!!!!!!!!!! that is a good idea! 🙂
    then you can walk around feeling like you have a load in your pants.

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