My three hour break

I was turned down for the scientific research job.  This is my theory to why they didn’t hire me:

Man interviewing me – Do you smoke?

Me – Yes

Man – Do you drink?

Me – Yes

Man – When was your last drink?

Me – Saturday

Man – How many did you have?

Me – About 6 beers

Man – And when did you drink before that?

Me – Friday

Man – How many did you have?

Me – Four drinks?

Man – Have you ever gotten a DUI?

Me – Yes

Man – Is there any history of substance abuse in your family?

Me – Ummm….Not that I know of.

I sounded pretty bad, and I really didn’t need to disclose my DUI since it happened so long ago and according to the courts, been stricken from my record. 

The man sent out my responses to be approved by some guy.  He probably glanced at my answers and said, “What is this, a joke?”

Oh well, C’est la vie, as the Romans say…..

I really, really want to buy the Playstation 3 today.  I’m a true gamer at heart. 

They cost $300.  Not bad, I can swing that.  I have 17 unopened tip envelopes and money in the bank.

My biggest problem with buying an awesome game system such as the PS3 is that I won’t leave my house for months.  Especially when I buy one game in particular – Final Fantasy.  I don’t stop playing until I beat it.  I don’t answer my phone, I stay up until 5 am, don’t shower, live off hot pockets and my friends get upset at me for ignoring them.  But I’m going to do it.  I’m going to buy the PS3 today and get Final Fantasy 13.

If you’re interested in knowing what kind of game Final Fantasy is, just watch this clip.

Story-line is everything to these games.  It sucks you in like a Harry Potter book. 

My brother was right, I am a nerd.  But my excitement level now is through the roof!

It is so slow at my job today.  I only have 3 and a half clients.  They’re all requests.  If I didn’t have my requests, I would be screwed.  I want to talk to my clients about the playstation 3, but I must control myself.

I been here for an hour already.  I’m at Starbucks and it’s 11:17.  Trish just came up to me and leaned in to read my laptop.  I love Trish!  Trish loves my blog.  Before I left for Starbucks, Kali, the girl that works the front desk told me to blog while I’m here.  I have another 2 hours, so there is plenty of time. 

There is so much to blog about.  I learned some great things from a few documentary’s I watched, and learned fascinating stuff from Sylvia Browne I can write about, but instead I want to play a game.  I’m in game mode.  This game is called Melanie’s madness and here’s how it works:

I tell you real situations that I was confronted with at work, and you guess whether I said my responses outloud, or if I just thought them to myself.

Situation number One:  A woman tugged the top sheet down while she was face-up, exposing one of her breasts.

Me – “Uh oh, peek a boob – lets just pop that sucker back in under the sheet.”

Situation number Two: 

Client – “Press right there on my ac joint as hard as you can – use your knuckle.”

Me – “I don’t want to sound racist or anything, but you take as much pressure as an asian.”

Situation number Three:  I go to greet my client in the tranquility room by hopping into the room and flamboyantly using ‘jazz hands’ while saying “I’m here!”

Situation number Four:  My client shares a last name with a very popular spanish food name brand.  It begins with a G and ends in an A.

Me – “Are you related to the food?”

Client – “I’m sorry, the food?”

Me – “Oh you know, G–a beans, G–a tortilla’s, and my favorite, G–a empanadas”!  Yum!”

Answers:  No, yes, yes, no

That was fun.

Alex just stopped in and said, “Hi Mel.”

Me – “………”

Alex – “Hi Mel.”

Me – I look up  and say “Oh hey!” And wave my arm around like a lunatic.

I have about an hour left of my break, so I’ll write about Sylvia Browne.  I learned about the existence of Tulpa’s.  But before I tell you about them, watch this video, it’s cute.

A tulpa is a physical manifestation of your thoughts.  Usually comes in the form of a person, mythical creature or animal.  It’s a Tibetan term, but the idea is well-known to Central and South Asia, like Bhutan, Nepal, China, India, and Mongolia – many other cultures world-wide have similar beliefs, even the North American Cherokee indians believe in the spiritual ability to create thoughtforms.

This is absolutely fascinating to me!  I have my own personal story about seeing one of these tulpa’s.  My Mother created it from her fear of the Devil.  It was never brought into the physical world, but was stuck in my parents bedroom mirror. 

As a kid I remember seeing an apparition of what looked like the devil in my parents mirror, and I watched in fear as my mom windexed it over and over, only to see the image again and again getting angrier and more vile looking. 

It was real!  I wouldn’t believe it if I hadn’t seen it for myself.

All reported cases of tulpa’s have turned into vile, evil creatures.  They become independent from their creator and roam wherever they want and can be seen whenever they want.

I’m so tired all of a sudden.  I have a half hour left.  I should head on over there.

I might not make it to the store to buy the PS3 today.  I need a nap. 

I have 2 more clients to massage.  I have to get into massage mode.  First I’ll go to the bathroom.


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3 responses to “My three hour break

  1. Steph

    OMG I remember the story of the devil in the mirror!!! I LOVED hearing those stories!! then your parents took us to dudleytown! rock on!

    by the way which of those situations did you actually say out loud. i would say only situation 3 🙂

  2. First of all, great looking site you have here and great post too. I would like to keep up with your posts but having problem subscribing to your rss.

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