I’m spooked and sad

This is bizarre so I felt I should share it.

About a year ago I started playing Mafia Wars on Facebook and added a bunch of new people to my friends list in order to bulk up my mafia power. 

One of those new ‘friends’ caught my eye.  A young boy with striking hazel eyes and deep dimples – a really cute kid. 

Time went by, I forgot about this kid until tonight – about 20 minutes ago I see his profile pic notifying me he’s online.  I click on him to see if he grew since last time I seen him.  He didn’t grow, but his father passed away. 

He posted a picture of himself and his brother with their ill-looking father.  Their father was tagged.  I click on him to be taken to his Facebook page which was open to the public.

It was so sad.  The man was only 42 when he died last year.  He wrote in his Bio;

Well I am a divorced single parent with two lovely children in a joint custody situation. I also play in a band, and love my motorcycle riding and spending time with friends. Life is to short to spend on the sidelines so lets get rollin!

His favorite quote;

Illigitimi non carborundum….Dont let the bastards grind you down.

And for Employment he wrote;

local 1644

Carpentry…not returning to work at this time due to illness….waiting for go ahead to return to school for my associates degree.

This was him before getting sick.  I don’t want to post pic’s of him sick. 

He looked like such a good guy.  My whole family is into construction work and motorcycles – they would’ve been friends.

His Facebook page is still active.  His mother plays a bunch of games under his account, and sometimes she replies to people’s messages. 

One message reads:

It seems like everytime the past week or so I check my email there is an email from you. Just when I need it most… No need to open it as they say it is spam I believe in my heart it is you just letting me know you are near… Makes me feel good so I am going with it… Miss you… Always, B

I scroll down and keep hitting Older Posts. 

Another person writes;

I paused for a couple minutes when I saw the emails…..pretty weird.

His sister – I was startled Too

His momThis is (the guy’s name)… Mother, please pass the word that any messages from my sons sites are fake! Thank You.
This has been very upsetting for all of his family!

Mom wrote again – If this is someones idea of a joke, it is very cruel and mean!

Sister – Mother it came from the hotmail address, I think it’s a virus or Joe just popping in to say HI? I think I’ll beleive the latter =)

Some guy –  I received an email from Joe this morning too, pretty weird indeed. I didn’t know what to think when I saw who it was from. I hesitated opening it thinking hmmmm, somethings not right. Now I read this posting from Jane.

I’ve been reading Silvia Brown lately and I read today, actually, that spirits often contact us by using the energy of electrical devices. 

Another message from a friend wrote;

Thanks for leaving the penny right where I plopped down to have a tearful hissy fit over the weed whip. It would have been otherwise impossible to find that one, single, lone penny on the pitted blacktop unless you wanted me to find it. Thanks again. You saved the day by helping me calm down and fix the dang thing rather than throw it across the alley.

This is another thing I read today – spirits leaving coins around.  Sylvia doesn’t understand why spirits like to leave coins, but they do.

It’s an odd coincidence that I came across this today.  It is also odd that you can’t spell coincidence without coin.  Coincidence?  I think not.

If you can’t tell, I’m horribly nosey about people’s personal lives – even those I’ve never met.  I’m like an investigator.  Maybe I should be an investigator instead of a human guinea pig……

Anyway, his close friends and family still write on his wall as if he’s still alive.  I’m sure he’s getting the messages.  Maybe Facebook can be the great intermediary.  A middle ground between the two worlds.

I really need to go to bed.  I spent way too much time writing this post when I should-be been sleeping, but I just had to let it out.

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