Healthy adults wanted

Starbucks has a newspaper stand next to their counter.  It displays a communal USA Today on the top tier, and on the bottom lays a stack of virtually untouched Hartford Advocates.  In this stack of relatively harmless articles, wedged next to men seeking men and women seeking women, I find this ad.  I was seeking my horoscope mind you.

Call me crazy, but I sent the person in charge of the ad an email before I left for work today.  He promptly calls me about two hours later, eager to tell me about the study.

I don’t know about this……

They’re testing a drug called catamine (spelling?) and how it affects memory.  I’ll be drugged and then shoved into an MRI to have my brain scanned.

Sean, the lab guy, asked me a bunch of questions pertaining to my health history and mental stability – I’m starting to question my own mental stability for considering this.

I’m not in financial crisis.  I don’t desperately need money and I’m living quite comfortably aside from half the people I live with don’t speak to me. 

We shall see what happens.  It would be a learning experience that’s for sure.  My major concern is going to work on Wednesday after they inject me with catamine.  Sean said it’s an ‘all day’ thing – I’ll be pretty much inebriated for the rest of the day.  Hopefully I’ll find someone to work for me. 

25 mg of diphenhydramine (low dose of store-bought sleeping pill) puts me out for the count, I’m hesitant to see what a horse tranquilizer will do.


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3 responses to “Healthy adults wanted

  1. Steph

    So how much would they pay ya?

  2. Steph

    Hmmmm too bad i didn’t live there haha

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