Halloween weekend 2010

I left work in my Xena costume at 7 pm Friday and went to the New Britain Museum of American Art fourth annual costume party.  The guy on the far left didn’t wear a costume, but he was creepy enough without one.

Kristina and Dan

A midget dancing with two robots

Tank girl

Cruella and I

Puppet show

I had to drive my car home after the party so I tried not to consume too much alcohol.  And I had to be in work early the next day.  The party was fun, but had its draw backs.

I go home buzzed and tired, sleep and wake up the next day for work.  I made it through five clients, went home and laid in bed for a half hour before Holly and Tara call to pick me up.  We went to Rookies.

This is Holly and Tara's brother with his friends

This is the boy I was in love with for a half hour. He was so cute! And I was so drunk.

I don't remember this guy or taking this picture.

Evil tin man

Holly was playing the part of Cruella the whole night. She kept saying she had puppies to kill and then she would puff on her fake cigarette held together by a crayola colored pencil. She cracks me up.

I met this guy outside the bar. I was on my fourth cocktail and was much obliged when he asked me to go with him to his car and drink his mixture of rum, vodka, grain punch that he keeps hidden in his trunk. I don't remember much after that.


I'm not sure how I met this guy either. I remember talking to him for a while and he kept laughing at me. I wanted to go outside, so I introduced him to my friends and then I snuck away.

This guy scared the crap out of me. He was holding a real human head!


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3 responses to “Halloween weekend 2010

  1. sarah

    Mel you drank rum out of some random guys trunk!!! Are you crazy?!?!

  2. Steph

    Yea Sarah I was just about to say she was lucky she didn’t get roofied!

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