Wellfeet Oysterfest 2010

Me, Holly and four other girls went to the Wellfleet Oysterfest a few weeks ago. 

We all chipped in and got ourselves a nice little cottage that was in walking distance to the festivities.

There were 2 twin beds and two full beds.  One bed was downstairs and you could only reach it by going outside and opening up the noisy garage door.  It had no bathroom, so nobody wanted it.  I claimed it as my room because I don’t mind peeing in the bushes. 

We wake up the next day and walk down the road to the Oysterfest.  We eat 18 dozen oysters in two days.

The beer they were selling cost $5 a pint and they only had two choices. So I went to the package store and brown bagged my beer.

Walking back to the cottage I taken some awesome pics.

Back at the cottage I thought it would be a great idea to put my leg behind my head.

Abbie thought it was a good idea too.

Next day we eat more oysters…..

There was an oyster shucking contest.

Then they had a band play onstage. The drummer was a transvestite who had a weird grin transfixed to his face the whole time.

Walking to the packie

I arrive at the packie

My new friends

They wanted a picture taken of their boots.

Walking back to the cottage I encounter more pretty pictures.

We stop at a bar called the bomb shelter.

We meet George Baldwin, a relative of the Baldwin brothers. He looked just like Alec and I LOVE Alec.

Walking home was a little blurry

Back at the cottage we put on our pajama’s and danced to bluegrass.

Nap time

Sleepy time

We snacked on cheese, crackers and other things. It was soooo yummy.

The next day Holly and I made the four-hour trip back home and encountered some fantastic fall foliage.

We stop at the Connecticut welcome center to use the bathroom and I fell off the curb on my way walking back to the car.  I was reading a CT tourist pamphlet and didn’t see the step in front of me.  It was the worst pain I felt in a long time.  I thought I broke my ankle.

Besides that, the Oysterfest was a lot of fun.  I hope to go again next year and beat our record of 18 dozen oysters.  And the girls I went there with were super fun!

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