Charlie Chaplin’s Time Traveler

There are actual people who believe this woman is a time traveler caught on tape talking on her cell phone in 1928.

My first argument, and it’s a darn good argument, is that time travel is IMPOSSIBLE!

Two:  Telephone companies didn’t have wireless technology back then, so the cell phone wouldn’t even work.  I have trouble getting service in parts of CT!

Three:  Even if time travel were possible, wouldn’t they have chosen a more able body than that of an old woman?  Someone who could withstand having their body reduced to trillions of particles and then shot down a particle accelerator at the speed of light only to be perfectly assembled back in time?  And how will she get back?

What she could have been doing was covering half her face because she didn’t want to be on film or she was shielding her face from the wind, the sun etc….  She could have been chewing gum, adjusting her dentures, or just plain ol’ muttering to herself.

This is silly.  Really really silly.  Come on people.  Oh Stephanie I hope you weren’t one of those believers! 

This was found by George Clark from Belfast.  He’s been studying it for over a year, sending the video to many people to get their opinions and none of them have a good enough explanation.  They probably don’t want to rain on his parade.  Sorry to be the one Georgie.

On a completely unrelated matter, I just watched the last episode of Xena and she totally made out with Gabrielle.

Gotta love YouTube.  Lets see what else I can find….


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3 responses to “Charlie Chaplin’s Time Traveler

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  3. Steph

    nope Suzanne and I came to the same conclusions 🙂
    plus that George guy said to go buy a copy of the movie and look for her and if its not there he had some kind of weird copy. makes me think he made it and spliced it in.

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