2 a.m with my Halloween costume

Beer and Sewing equals fun

Augmented my top one last time

I sewed in one of my old bra's

I wasn't sure how to make the shin guards so I just sewed a bunch of fabric together and slid it over my boot.

I tried to put in some designs

Two harmless pieces of cardboard are being transformed into......

This! Xena's ultimate weapon, the chakram!

I am one scary Mo fo. What's that? Not scary enough for you?

Well how do you like me now? I have a sword bitches! Scared yet? No?

Don't forget I still have my deadly chakram! EAT CHAKRAM TURDS!

I’m wearing my brother’s old sweatpants that have a huge hole in the leg.  They are not part of my Xena costume. 

I’m on season 6 of Xena.  I’m glad the last episode is approaching and I’m finishing up with my costume.  It’s been a wild ride.  My next project will be to clean my room and organize it with Feng Shui.  If you didn’t notice from the pic’s, my room is completely destroyed.


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2 responses to “2 a.m with my Halloween costume

  1. Steph

    Awesome costume! i wish i could come out with you guys!!!!!! next year! 🙂

    and your room is the messiest i’ve ever seen!

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