October 13 2010

I went rollerblading with Kristina yesterday for four hours.  I only fell three times, but they were graceful falls.  I’m an expert when it comes to falling.

I was meandering along the paved walkway enjoying the pretty fall colors and beautiful weather when I approached a steep hill with a curve at the bottom.  I couldn’t see ahead of this death-defying curve and so I slowed down.  I could hear Kristina on her cell phone behind me.

Kristina – “Oh no, oh no, I can’t stop.”

She was coming up pretty fast behind me.  She doesn’t know how to use her breaks, and I’m not that good at them either, so instead of risking life and limb, I rolled off from the steep decent onto the grass with a light anticipated tumble.  Kristina flew past me still on her cell phone.

Kristina – “What do I do?  What do I do?  Melanie?!”

I was about to tell her to roll off onto the grass, but my words were caught in my throat as I fearfully watched her picking up speed.  Even if she did roll off onto the grass at this point, it’s going to hurt.  And it did. 

I got back on my feet and went to make sure she was okay.  She was fine, just a little shaken.  She scraped up her elbow and her wrist was bleeding, but she was fine.  She was more upset that she bent her sunglasses.  I couldn’t help smile.  And everytime I looked at her with those crooked sunglasses and dirt smeared tank top, I couldn’t help to laugh.

We ended up in Hamden on Skiff street.  There was a strange woman who came up to us who started babbling incoherently.  We got away from her, and skated the two hours back home.

It was a good day.  I wish I brought my camera but I was afraid of breaking it in a fall, and I knew I was going to fall.

I started finishing my Xena skirt when I got home.

I bedazzled 50 studs onto black strips of pleather

I sewed these strips together and attached them to my skirt.

As you can clearly see in this photo, I have huge Polish knee's.

I used velcro and magnetic snaps to fasten the skirt around me.

The skirt is really very short. I'm going to wear black shorts underneath.

This project is highly time-consuming, but I’m enjoying it.  I’m going to be sad when I have no more Xena episodes to watch and my costume is complete. 

I’m in Starbucks.  I have a client in a half hour. 

The day before yesterday I went hiking at Sleeping giant with Kristina and Sarah.  We went on the hardest trail and hiked all the way up to the castle.  My muscles are aching. 

But I only work two days this week.  I’m going to Cape Cod on Friday for the Wellfleet oysterfest.  It will be fun.  I’ll take lots of pictures to post.


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4 responses to “October 13 2010

  1. Steph

    nice costume!!! wish i could be there!! 🙂
    have fun in Cape Cod! wish i could go with you guys! why do i live so far away 😦

  2. Steph

    BUMMER 😦
    That would suck if you can’t go. hopefully she’ll start feeling better. can you drink while on antibiotics?

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