The absolute truth about me is – believe it or not, I’m a private person.  I don’t talk about my family to anyone.  I don’t talk about them for a few reasons; One being embarrassment, two being it’s nobody’s problem except my own, and three – it’s depressing to talk about it.

I would write everything down in my journal and leave the house with my baggage far behind.  I was a new person every time.  Nobody knew the crap that goes on in my house, and if nobody know’s, than it doesn’t really happen, right?

Plus I’m not a drama queen.  I don’t create drama in my life – I HATE drama in my life (but I love hearing about others).

Basically this blog is opposite of who I am.  It represents everything I don’t tell my friends, well, some things I don’t tell them.

It’s like going on a talk show and telling the world all my personal stuff.  Why do people do that?  Why am I doing this? 

I just like to write. 

I went without dinner last night.  I was so hungry, but I couldn’t go upstairs.  Nobody knew exactly what my message to my cousin said, so they started making up stuff to fill in the blanks.  Everything was blown out of proportion – they insisted that I wrote hateful things about OCDC, and that he was yelling at my dad and yelling at everyone.  I had to print out a copy of the messages to give to them.

I’m holding back a lot of things that were said.  My mother hates me, and doesn’t trust me.  The way she talks to me sounds like she’s talking to a dirty rotten pig.  I’m not embellishing.  And I just stand there and take it.  I don’t do a damn thing.

Three more clients and I get to go home, or more like, have to go home.

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