I have a strong affinity for humor, so I find it my duty to write a little something about it.

I’m at Cheshire coffee with my soy latte in hand and all the time in the world to sit and ruminate.  So this is good.  A good productive way to spend my day off.  This coming week will be long – very long.  I must relax and sop up as much contentment as I possibly can from this little coffee shop.

The Cheshire Academy kids are here.  They are a bunch of well-behaved young Asians.  Some are on laptops, some are playing Uno and drinking iced tea with tapioca pearls mixed in.  They are the only people I know who order drinks with tapioca pearls in them.  They slurp them up with a wide straw.

Sarah came and left already.  She’s been here since 4:30, now it’s 6 – dinner time.  I havent typed anything about humor yet and I’m already tired and losing interest.

Okay, for starters, in my opinion humor is the great equalizer.  It can raise people up, or cut them down to put everyone on the same playing field.  Pedigree, position, rank or worth have nothing to do with comedy until they are stripped down to their absurd bare essentials.  

That’s what draws me to it so much.  Humor is simplicity.  It’s a form of clarity – it’s seeing something for the first time and being aware of your first reaction to it.

It’s unadulterated instinct before it gets masked with explanations and emotions. 

Humor is also a great unifier.  You don’t need to speak the same language to make someone laugh.  You just need to trip on a banana peel and have your face land in a cake.

Instead of wars, they should have roasts.  Hutu’s should roast the Tutsi’s on comedy central.  The muslims roast the catholic’s, North Korea roasts South Korea, Obama roasts Sarah Palin.  The best comedians from around the world would be there to throw down smutty wisecracks.

American’s can roast terrorists, but terrorists don’t have much of a sense of humor.

The kids playing Uno left, but the one’s on their laptops are still here.  It’s 6:25.  I need to eat.

I think humor is the most attractive quality in a person.  It’s a package deal.  To be funny, you have to be smart and confident.  You have to be able to laugh at yourself and appreciate other’s for their witticism’s.  You have to be creative – have to see timing as an art form.  Funny people have to be empathetic to feel people out.  They have to be patient.  They have to be patient because like all good things in life, jokes aren’t funny if they’re forced.

So basically I like funny people.  But not comedians.  Comedians are usually too self-deprecating, self-conscious, overly sensitive and in their heads too much. 

Also, comedy comes from the heart.  It can be brutally personal and revealing.  The teller of the joke humanizes themselves and can connect with anyone because of it.  Same can be said for any artist I guess. 

Everybody is an artist, but not everyone knows how to reveal themselves.

Okay, I’m done for now.  I really need to eat.  Mom made pot roast!

No, no no, wait a second.  The coffee shop has cleared out and now there are four people in the back – four adults, having the weirdest conversation ever.  It sounds like they all met online.  They are talking about strapping each other down and moaning, drawing straws……wtf?  I can’t make out what they are talking about.  They are talking about invoking Goddesses and feeding off each other’s energy.

Oh, I think they are talking about putting on a play. 

Wait, no.  The facility they want to have this “play” at needs to have beds and couches for people to crash on.

Okay, I give up.  They are talking too softly now.  They meet here at Cheshire coffee on Sunday nights if anyone is interested in finding out what they’re talking about.

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