Isabella Rossellini what are you thinking?

John Stewart poked fun at Isabella for her short film about bed bug mating rituals.  Here’s the video in its entirety.

Oh but it doesn’t end there.  Here’s another one about snails getting it on.  It’s hilarious!  I think these are meant to be funny.

Does this make S & M seem less sexy?  If you have the same sexual urges as a snail, does that mean you’re wild in bed?

Here’s one about worms.  It’s really interesting and disturbing, two of my favorite things.

Male bee’s have a lot in common with human men, except the part where their penis breaks off.

Here’s everyone’s favorite, the praying mantis.

Sex is more important than keeping your head.

So spiders do the reverse pickpocket?  Except instead of a pocket, it’s a vagina, and instead of a wallet, it’s sperm.  I love the part where she runs off.

I like it when she says anus.  Lucky for me she says it a lot.


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2 responses to “Isabella Rossellini what are you thinking?

  1. Holly

    Too funny! Does this stem from the link I sent you? Are you now obsessed with Isabella Rossellini?

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