Annoying woman at work

I’ve had my fair share of co-workers.  Here’s a list of all my previous jobs.

Damon’s – Cheshire, CT 
Rossini’s pizza – Cheshire, CT 

Pasta Plus – Cheshire, CT  

J. Timothy’s – Plainville, CT  

Cadillac Ranch – Plainville, CT 

Yankee Silversmith – Wallingford, CT  

Scoozie Trattoria and wine bar – New Haven, CT  

East side – New Britain, CT  

Paul’s – Cheshire, CT  

Café on the park (New Britain museum of American Art) – New Britain, CT  

Westbrook – Wallingford, CT  

I think that’s all the restaurants. I did banquets too for Jordan Caterers and the Aquaturf.  

I’ve also worked at:  

Stop & Shop  

McDonald’s  (I guess this could be considered a restaurant?)

Cheshire convalescent center  

Bloomingdales by mail  

The Dress Barn  

Prudential real estate (I tried selling houses)  

Lavender fields day spa  

In Touch massage and spa  

Some landscaping company consisting of all lesbians  

One day at a telemarketing place that sold security alarms  

There has always been at least one annoying co-worker in every job I had that gets under my skin and makes me want to jab a fork in my eye-socket.

They just hired that person at my current job.

She’s a strange older woman with a defensive attitude toward clients who don’t request her.

Being an MT is a solitary experience.  Co-workers do not linger around and annoy you, management is out of your hair.  Most of the time I just focus on my clients, make a few bucks and go home.  We do however offer couples massage.  That’s when two massage therapists are massaging two separate clients in the same room.  I had to give two couple’s massages with this woman.

The first time she condescendingly told me we should massage in tandem.  Massaging the same area’s and flipping the clients simultaneously.  This annoyed me. 

Her client was a cute little old italian man who she made take off his underwear and not have on his blanket.  All he had was a flimsy sheet to cover him. Then she talked for most of the massage, asking dumb questions when all they wanted was quiet. 

When she isn’t talking, she makes this weird lamaze sound.  She breathes very heavy like a woman in labor.  Her breathing is more irritating than her talking.  At the end of the massage when the client is still laying on the table, she gets in their face (literally one inch from them) and tells them they should buy the membership and request her again.  Not just once she says this, but over and over in their face.

“You’re going to request me next time, right?”

“Yes, okay.”

“Don’t forget, it’s important.”

She creeps me out and I feel sorry for her clients.  She makes ME look bad.

After the massage, when she realizes the client left without signing up or requesting her, she looks at me and asks why.

“I don’t know, there could be lots of reasons.”

Then she sadly stared at nothing for a while.  The woman is crazy!

She asked me a ton questions about our business and I told her all that information is in the employee handbook.

“Didn’t you read the manual?”

She stared blankly at me for a few seconds then asked me another question that was equally answerable in the handbook.

Oh she drives me crazy and I only worked with her twice.  I’m scared we’re going to lose clients because of her.

Hurricane Earl is coming to CT.  The sky is gloomy.


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2 responses to “Annoying woman at work

  1. Steph

    OMG!!!!! that is crazy!!!!!!! Only you Mel! haha
    you are right there really is one in every company though.
    sorry you had to work with her

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