I got the Gold

I am now a highly exclusive Gold card club member.  I can tell people truthfully that I carry around a prestigious Gold card only held exclusively by preferred customers.  They don’t need to know that I’m talking about the Starbucks rewards card.  Gold is gold no matter where you spend your money. 

So there’s that accomplishment…….

There used to be a young pretty girl working with us at ME.  She recently quit and all her clients are being divvied up amongst us.  This one guy a few months ago requested a young attractive therapist – they put him with Ashley and they been together ever since.  I think I massaged this guy yesterday.  His chart said he been there for a few months, always requested Ashley – wanting a light touch, relaxation massage.

He puts the therapists looks ahead of their ability to give a decent massage (I’m sure Ashley gives a great massage, but that’s not the point).  I rely on my ability, not about how good looking I am.  It was like I was preparing to go on a blind date with the guy.

When I first greeted him in the tranquillity room, I couldn’t tell if he was upset or pleased to see me.  I am a plain Jane.  The plainest of the plain.  Even my Mother called me a plain Jane.  I don’t make myself up to look attractive, especially at work.  So I was relieved when the massage was over and he said that I was his new best friend. 

Now I’m not only a Gold card member, but also apart of the beautiful people club!  He gave me the nod of approval.  It could have been my boobs that won him over.  But hey, that has to count for something, right?


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7 responses to “I got the Gold

  1. Steph

    Love the Gold!
    you are beautiful Mel!

    • navybound

      Awww, thanks Steph. We’re both going to look hot in Vegas. I’m going to wear makeup. I just bought some lipstick, I have eye shadow and mascara, I just need foundation, but I can’t find my color anywhere. If you come across vampire pale, let me know. Lol

  2. brie brie

    oh so beautiful!!! look at all those boys you met at the lilith fair. obviously they were attracted to you for your beauty, especially Joe.

    • navybound

      Umm, well, Joe is gay. The little guy wasn’t tho. He put his hand on my thigh and I laughed at him. I was sorta mean – hey, pretty people are usually bitches, so I guess that means I’m pretty. LOL

  3. Holly

    Just thought you should know, if you already didn’t, that you are a beautiful person. I am ONLY friends with beautiful people! ….yes, I am that shallow 🙂

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