Today, yesterday and the day before (not in that order)

Saturday was the family reunion at the cottage.  There was a keg and bocci ball.  When you put the two together, this is what you get: 



I need some refreshment

Thats good keg beer

This shot was taken right before I fell on my ass

Alexis drifting away



My Dad

Mom and aunt Jean


My brother

Uncle Al



Conner pointing at the sunset

The sunset


Me and Melissa kidnapping Conner

Yesterday I went to the Lillith fair with a bunch of girls.  Once again I drank lots of beer and passed out on the lawn while Sarah McLachlan sang to me. 


Sarah found a silly band

She loves her new silly band!

Tailgating at the Lilith fair. I didn't know it was a gay event, not that it really matters.


Anna & Monica


Monica and Anna with their $14 drinks


Oriana and Gideon

I was tired and drunk – not a good combo.  I felt like no one wanted to talk to me, and so I go find a new friend, Joe.  Joe was at the concert all by himself and I asked him to join me and my little group of friends.  Joe was cool, he talked to me. 


Today I woke up at 1:30 pm to Holly banging on my front door.  I didn’t know it was her outside my house until she called me on her cell telling me to wake up “we’re going to the beach.” 

I felt horrible even after 14 hours of sleep.  I needed some R & R.  I needed time with netflix and facebook.  I told Holly I couldn’t go, shut my phone off and closed my eyes.  Then I remembered I had in a tampon from the night before that was well past its expiration.  I had to get up.  

I sluggishly ate my scrambled eggs, told OCDC to stop running the water so I can take a hot shower and then I started my day. 

I decided to go hiking at sleeping giant.  This was my first time hiking since I started running and was amazed at my stamina – especially after the beer drenched week I’ve had.  

Sarah came with me. Thats her sitting on the rock. We were on the most difficult trail and had to climb up rocks.


My sexy self

Me and Sarah being sexy

So that was the past three days, I don’t know what I’m doing tomorrow.  My life isn’t exciting enough.  I need to spice things up a bit.  Can’t wait for Vegas.

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