Starbucks is being blown away

I’m sitting in my little starbucks while its thundering and lightening outside.  Doesn’t it seem like thunderstorms bring people together?  There’s a stronger sense of camaraderie in here.  Everyone is friends with everyone. 

Of course if anyone tries starting a conversation with me I would probably ignore them and maybe even leave.  It’s pouring outside.  I’m scared my laptop will get wet on my way back to work.

Everyone really does seem to be friends with everyone in here.  I’m the only one who isn’t sociable.  They’re all laughing together, and one guy has a british accent.  His name is Samuel. 

Now they are all worked up over talk of a tornado.  The girl behind the counter is shouting to close the store.  Her name is Amanda.

“Holy Christmas!”  Is her favorite expression.  “I don’t want to get blow away.  I can see it outside!  It’s coming!”

Now they are talking about making us vodka-chino’s for all us storm dwellers.  Really, I have never seen such a friendly starbucks in my life.  I don’t want to leave.  And I no doubt will be drenched in the first five seconds outside.

A new customer just walked in and everyone say’s Hi to her. 

Amanda says she’s going to build us all an arc.  Samuel says he doesn’t think it’s a tornado yet.

The lights just flickered.  I have to go back to work.  Shit.

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