I feel like I need a babysitter

It’s so hard for me to just sit home and do nothing.  I mean, what the hell do people do with their time when they don’t go out?  I don’t get it.  I wish I watched tv – at least that would give me something to do. 

I’m too bored to read a book, if that makes sense. 

Wow, this is insane.  I’m sitting here and it’s so quiet.  I haven’t felt this way in a while.  I’m so restless – crazy restless.  These are the moments I wish I still played world of warcraft.

All my habits are derived from some impending need.  Some urgent, in-the-moment necessity.  My need right now is to zone out and fill my head and physical senses with something to play with.  Either that or fill my lungs with smoke and my tummy with alcohol.

What makes me like this?  If I had kids, I wouldn’t have many of these moments of relaxation.  But I been relaxing all day.  It’s hard to relax when there’s nothing to relax from.

At least I went running today, that’s something.  But then I sat here and tried to do my stupid stick figure animation that came out to look like shit.

One of my friends needs a ride home from the airport at 11:30pm.  I’m actually looking forward to picking her up.  I can’t wait actually!  That’s pretty bad.

I could have went to happy Tuesday today, but I really wanted to animate my stupid stick figure.

Ugh I hate staying home sometimes.  I want to go cause trouble somewhere.

How do people do it?  My butt hurts from sitting.  I need beer and entertainment – I don’t want to sit in front of the boob tube.


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2 responses to “I feel like I need a babysitter

  1. Brie

    next time you are bored, we can go rollerblading on the bike trail 🙂

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