Under the kitchen sink

                                    More weirdness about my house 


Above the kitchen sink

 Above the kitchen sink looks relatively normal.  Here’s a close up. 


Yep, pretty normal.  But underneath the sink………. 

Under the kitchen sink

 Not too bad.  It looks organized actually, but let’s get a little closer……. 


Oh, what’s that I see?  What’s in the glass jar behind the coffee mug? 

My Mother's 40 year old gallstone!

Yes, you heard correct.  My mother’s gallstone she had removed 10 years before I was even born.  Why under the sink?  Well, where else?  Oh but wait, there’s more.  What’s that next to my mother’s 40-year-old jar of gallbladder waste product?….. 

My Mother's Mother's gallstones!

She wanted to have them polished to wear as a fanciful necklace.  I shit-you-not. 

When I was about 7 or 8 there was a salesman that came to the house to sell us a water purifier.  I remember my parents taking out the jar from under the sink and grossing him out.  They presented it to him like it was their third child, the one they’re most proud of. 


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2 responses to “Under the kitchen sink

  1. Holly

    I love that story!! hahaha.

  2. Steph

    OMG that is hilarious!!! LOVE IT!

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