It was a scam

I sorta knew it all along, but I was hoping for the best.  That $3,000 money order is no good.  I got this email from that woman:

How are you doing.there is a mix-up in the payment my assistant sent to you, after reconciling  my account, I discovered that She sent an over payment to you. The payment meant for another item was sent to you in error,i want you to cash it deduct your money and western union charges  send the balance back to me via western union money transfer to my details below
 Make sure you take care of that today and give me the transfer details MTCN AND AMOUNT SENT .So that i can arrange for the pick up as soon as possible I wait to read you
At least I didn’t spend any of the money, and I called my bank and told them what happened.  They said I will probably be charged a $10 fee and the guy sounded really sympathetic in telling me it’s not my fault. 
I guess the possibility of having an extra $3000 was fun while it lasted.  If I was truly depending on that money I would’ve been a little more pissed.  The money order looked so real!  Even the teller couldn’t tell the difference.
I’m going to send a little hate mail to that address she gave.  I encourage you to do the same.  Is there a way to report her?  Probably not I’m guessing.


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4 responses to “It was a scam

  1. Steph

    Unbelievable! i’m sorry Mel! that totally sucks 😦
    It’s like that whole Nigerian scam…
    bum deal

    • navybound

      DAMN THOSE NIGERIANS!!!………yeah, I don’t exactly know what those Nigerians did, but DAMN THEM! I’ll google them. I should’ve googled them before leaving this reply, but oh well.

  2. Steph

    LOL you crack me up! they started this scam that you just went through. they ususally send you spam emails and people are dumb enough to believe it. they say can you cash a check and wire transfer some to them and you keep the rest and then when you cash it it is fake. crazy! they did a big thing on 60 minutes a few months ago. being this was a lady from England/London it didn’t occur to me that it was a scam. oh well 😦

    • navybound

      Those Nigerians are some sneeky bastards. Now London people are sneeky bastards too. There’s sneeky bastards everywhere!

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