What I dreampt this morning

Before my alarm clock woke me up, I was dreaming I was a cute little floppy eared bunny rabbit.  I was hitching a ride on another animals back and was unable to get off, but I didn’t mind. 

We were on a hiking trail and spotted a small brown bear climbing a tree.  The tree was over hanging a cliff.  The branch the bear was climbing on broke and he tumbled down the cliff and landed in a river.  Then I was me again.  A human and not a rabbit.  I went over to the river to see if the bear was okay and that’s when I got snared by a trap.  I wasn’t frightened by it, but thought it was a pain to have to unlock all the locks on the trap with certain keys.  I unlocked them all with ease and escaped.

According to the dream dictionary:

Bear:  This dream indicates rivalries and general misfortunes.  Foretells strong competition that you will not find easy to overpower.

Trap:  If you are caught in one, you will be overcome by enemies. 

Rabbit:  Business gains and happiness in love and in family life, if married. 

So I’m going to have enemies trying to bring me down, but I won’t care they’re bringing me down and I’ll end up “unlocking” the problem with perturbed annoyance?  Why would I have enemies?  Everybody likes me.

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  1. Steph

    Boy that is weird!!!!

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