Same day, different starbucks

I only have 3 clients today.  I already spent an hour and a half at starbucks, so now I’m in the Barnes & Noble across the street from ME.  There just so happens to be a starbucks in here, too.

I’m looking around at all the books and I’m tempted to sniff some (I like the smell).

It’s 5:30 and my next client doesn’t get here until 7:00.  What to write?  Hmmm……

I don’t know.  I’m bored and a little cold.

I’m drinking a large iced green tea.  I drink it for the flavonoids.  Flavonoids sound like robotic antioxidants.  Androids would drink flavonoids.  They would drink a glowing neon blue flavonoid beverage.  I’ll have to pee soon.  Coincidentally flavonoids contain vitamin P.

There’s a woman sitting at a table with her head down.  Like she’s bored in a classroom.  I feel like that too.

Perspective is a mind trip.  I like to break things down to the bare bones.  It helps me categorize, compartmentalize and sling people into their intended stereotypes.  When I break down my job description in this manner, to its barest of bones, I rub people.  I can’t run and hide from that fact. 

The exact definition of massage therapy – the one my teacher’s taught and Wikipedia uses is this:  Massage is the manipulation of superficial layers of muscle and connective tissue to enhance the function and promote relaxation and well-being.

Aka – to rub.  Although I suppose it’s better than my more detailed definition of,  “I rub out hard stuff.”

Client – “You have a great touch, how long you been practicing?”

Me – “Three years.  Massage is easy.  I just rub what feels hard.”

Client – “Me too.”  (Kidding.  He never said that)

I been doing massage for longer than 3 years, but no matter how long I keep it up, this answer will remain unchanged.

I like my job.  I really do.  But I’m not thrilled about it.  I know what it feels like to be thrilled about something (blogging), and massaging people doesn’t come close. 

I had to massage a woman the other day who had these little pimple-like bumps on her inner thigh.  They were unavoidable to massage.  It’s so dark in the massage room that I had no idea what I was touching.

So, would I rather blog than massage?  Hell yes!


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2 responses to “Same day, different starbucks

  1. 06mickey

    Sometimes i get bored and i want to write but i have nothing to write about, i’m amazed at how you came up with a post from being bored

    • navybound

      The trick is to pay attention to your exact thoughts while being bored. People have so many thoughts every minute that it’s hard not to find at least one little interesting factoid to dive into and embellish. Also don’t rush yourself. I have trouble thinking of stuff to write about when I have time restraints.

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