This number has been calling my phone non-stop for weeks.  They won’t leave a message and I refuse to answer unidentified numbers.  You can call it if you like and tell me who the hell this person is.

I’m watching Buffy the Vampire slayer.  I’m almost done with the entire series.  I’ll be very sad when it’s over.


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6 responses to “1-503-403-2674

  1. Steph

    It is a number for Wells Fargo.
    do you have a credit card or bank acct with them?

    • navybound

      Thats strange. I have wachovia and when I was logged into my account, it said I also have an account at wells fargo so I clicked on the link. Thats all I did was click on a link and now they wont leave me alone.

  2. Steph

    😦 that is no good 😦

  3. kris

    wachovia was taken over by WellsFargo… probably just calling to offer you this “high yield” saving acct… it’s not that great, I would just keep ignoring them.

    • navybound

      Yeah I didn’t know they switched over. It turns out they were calling me because I didn’t pay my bill. I expected to get a bill from wachovia, not wells fargo so I never opened their letter. But it’s okay, they got rid of the late fee and won’t higher my interest rate.

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