Making room for greatness

All of us inevitably fall into some sort of routine.  If a change happens and you end up having a few extra hours in the day, your energies will subsequently fall where your heart is.  And if your heart needs a rest, or you’re tapped out of creativity, you will end up doing nothing in those hours.

I have no time for email.  I check it now and then, but a few weeks ago my inbox was at an all time high, not to mention an unholy number.

I hardly make time for email and this is the end result.

I massaged a woman yesterday with a horrible kyphotic curve (hunch back).  I was powerless against this monolithic goliath of a hump.  As a ME employee, we are forbidden to give out advice to clients.  We can’t tell them to stretch, we can’t tell them to use ice or heat.  But I went against policy and told her about all the muscles causing the problem.  I even pointed them out clearly by using the muscle chart on the wall.  The woman just didn’t seem to care.  She made it perfectly clear to me she hates her hump;

Me – “You have a bit of a sway back.”

Her – “I know.  I hate it.”

She still had no interest in hearing the importance of strengthening her trapezius, building her rhomboids and stretching her pecs and sternocleidomastoid (I used the chart to show her).  It was 9 pm and she was tired, but still………

It seems like she treats her body like I treat my email.  A little added each day without anything taken away.  Her hunch is the end result.

We get into our routine and ignore whats important.  The only reason I started this blog was because of my time gaps in-between clients.  I only started etrade because I have a few extra bucks to play with (I’m up $150!), and I’m only starting to have goals because of my impending age and the fact I still live at home.

Basically, if you have a little extra room in your life, depending on what your heart really wants – it will go there.  If it doesn’t want anything at all, you’ll never get anywhere.

When I have five or ten minutes in-between clients, I draw on my folder.  We all get our own folder that holds the client information for that day.  I’m the only one who decorates it.

It’s not done.  I’ll keep adding to it until my boss tells me to stop or it gets thrown away.

If you’re stuck in the nothingness of everyday hullabaloo, take a minute to be inspired.  Go to a museum, look at some art, go to the library and read about your local everyday hero’s, or read my blog!  Well, I’m not exactly a hero yet, but I’m working on it.  You got the inside track to my success – the inside scoop.

I don’t exactly have a wise old person in my life to push me in the right direction.  This blog take’s the place of my Dumbledore, or Giles (Buffy the vampire slayer guy).

I’m a person who needs to be pushed.  I especially need for people to believe in me.  I’m a monkey in the chinese zodiac, and our type gets easily discouraged.

I was two weeks late out of the womb.  Two weeks late just lying around living rent free not lifting a finger.  I soaked up as much amniotic fluid I could muster until the doctor induced labor on stupid Valentines day.  Of all days……

My mother wasn’t pushing then, and she’s not pushing now.  She’s one of those “doll collector” types.  The old lady who scours QVC for “collector” dolls.  Does she not want me to grow up?  She wants me to stay a little girl forever.

She collects all these dolls and then shoves them in this cabinet where you can’t even see half of them.

Well, little girl on not, my mother’s daughter got to go rub down some people now. 

I may have another break after the hour, so I may post again.

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