Plan B

Two people have influenced my decision on joining the military.  Aj and Pj.  Two separate people on two separate occasions.

I was rollerblading last week on the Cheshire trail when I seen an old man smoking a cigar next to a stream with his two jack russell terrier’s playing in the water.  I knew this guy.  We met at a bar six or seven years ago and stayed good friends.

Aj is very cool.  He play’s the blue’s on his guitar, drives a Harley, and apparently smokes cigar’s on the bike path in Cheshire.   Aj looks out for me, too.  He cares about me like a big grandpa- brother would.

He told me not to join the military.

“Why do you want to join?”

“Money for college mostly.”

“Well, there are a lot of grant programs out there that can help you.  My daughter is going thru that now.  She can help you.”


“It’s not fun in the military.  I was going to be a computer tech guy, but they put me in artillery and sent me to war.  Not fun.  And it’s not fun waking up three in the morning and running till you drop.”

We talked for about a half hour.  I thanked him for the advice and skated off.

Pj was the second guy.  He’s dating my friend Caryl, whom I’ve known since jr. high.  I hung out with them last saturday and told them my plan. 

Pj said flat out, “Don’t do it.”


“Because they’ll send you off to Afghanistan.  You’ll be fighting in the war.”


Then we went to a bar where Pj was the karaoke deejay.  Him and Caryl sang a dirty version of the Cheryl Crow & Kid Rock song, Picture. 

I massaged 8 people and was tired, hungry and buzzed.  I was still wearing my work shirt, and there was a woman sniffing around for a free chair massage.  She said she would buy me a drink.  Luckily I was playing Photo Hunt, so I was able to ignore her.  I snuck out when the game ended.

Aj and Pj.  One is 36, the other, probably 63.  They influenced me not to join.  I’m going to compromise instead.  I’ll join the reserve’s, preferably the Coast Guard while going to college.  This way I’ll still get financial assistance from them, plus all the other perks of joining.

Also, I’ll be done with school a lot earlier than if I waited to go after I got out of the service.  I’ll be killing two birds with one stone.


I have reoccurring dreams about being back in school.  Sometime’s I’m lost and can’t find my classroom.  Other time’s I can’t find my schedule and feel stupid for not remembering what my next class is.

I had a dream last night that I was back in school, but this time it was totally different.  The dream started out with me working as a massage therapist.  My coworker came up to me and told me it was my turn to massage the boss.  I was going to be graded on my massage.

I wasn’t worried, and just shrugged my shoulders.  My co-worker then told me part of being a massage therapist is being a teacher.  My boss is going to grade how I am with teaching children.  He assigned me a classroom.

I go out into the hall, and look for classroom number 12.

“Where’s my room?!”  Someone hushed me for talking so loud.  There were people getting massaged in some of the rooms and needed quiet.

I found my room, went inside and seen a bunch of kids sitting around and playing.  There were no desks.  The kids were around 5 or 6.  I’m clueless as to what to do.

My nose starts to run, so I grab a tissue and blow it.  A teacher’s assistant walks up and tells me I need to wear rubber gloves when doing that.

“Okay, I will next time, thanks.”

The T.A helps me out by plugging in the tv and putting on a movie for the kids.

“This will wake them up.”  I look around and see the kid’s bored and half asleep. 

I go over to the light switch and turn it off – I remember having to do that as a kid when it was movie time.

A little girl in pigtails starts sneezing.  I went over to her and asked her if she wanted a tissue.

“No thanks, you need gloves.”

“Would you like some gloves?”

The little girl shakes her head no.

Then I put on some gloves and blew my nose.

I bought a dream dictionary 16 years ago by a woman named Migene González-Wippler.  This book uses old translations as a way to decipher dreams.  It’s the real deal unlike the dream dictionary’s now-a-days that logically tell you what your dreams mean in a Psycho- Analytical sense.

I looked up ‘sneeze’ and Migene says that hasty news will change my plans.

Well, that’s pretty accurate.

‘Teacher’ means I’ll get invited to an important festivity.  Holly just text me to go get fried oysters tonight, but I doubt that’s the important festivity.

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