Self help: Part 2

I once worked with a very uncool girl.  Well, I worked with many uncool girls in my day, but this one in particular really stands out.

When I say uncool, I mean nerdy, but nerdy is not the right word.  Her appearance was that of a stereotypical nerd, but she herself, was not.

She would get flustered very easily and very fast.  Whenever I looked into her eyes while she was having one of her fluster fits, I could clearly see that nobody was home.  She has checked out.

I don’t know how she could do that so fast.

She wasn’t stupid, but her absolute lack of confidence made her a complete imbecile. 

After she checked out, talking to her about anything at all would only push her away farther and farther.

I wonder why this is.  How does this happen?  I’ve experienced checking out.  I know what its like to not play with a full deck.  But this girl had it bad.

She was very polite.  Almost too polite.  But as soon as there became a long line of customers needing to place order’s, she would morph into a bitch.  She would get snappy with customers even if they didn’t do anything annoying. 

Maybe she was afraid of looking stupid, but her fear actually caused her to become what she was afraid of, a moron.

And I would stand there and watch her start to spiral.  There was nothing I could do to help her.

I have a theory about this girl.  I think she checked out all the time because of an identity crisis.  She had no foundation about who she was.  There was nothing to touch down on. 

People’s true colors always come out in a crisis.  I don’t think you can ever really know anybody unless you see how they act in a fight.  This girl had no game.  No spunk, no chutzpah.

The cool factor comes from lack of fear and knowing oneself.  Well, that’s my theory anyway.

I got to get back to work.  Three more clients and I’m outta here.

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