The juice man from yesterday

I massaged a man yesterday who tried to sell me juice. 

It was the oddest thing; I brought him into the massage room and he open’s up a case that had two bottles of what looked like wine in them.

“Don’t worry, it’s not alcohol.”

“Uh huh.”

“It’s one of the best juice’s you can drink.”  He tell’s me this while pouring me a sample.  I had massaged this man a few times, and he usually requests me.  But I was still a bit hesitant drinking some dark thick liquid he was offering.

I drank it anyway, down the hatch.

Then he went into a sales pitch that lasted 5 minutes.  When I finally got him on the table, he was still enthusiastically talking about his love and devotion toward this goddess beverage.  He wanted me to become a distributor.  Then he asks me to go to a party with him that night (last night).  It was a juice party for people who love the juice.

The guy was asking me if I’m married, do I have kid’s, how much money I make…..then he tells me he’s recently divorced.

I make people comfortable, it’s what I do even when I’m not massaging.  People tell me earful’s of personal problem’s and they ask me personal thing’s.  I knew this guy felt comfortable around me, but people need to restrain themselves at least a little.  For my sake anyway.

He left me a bunch of pamphlet’s and a few of his business cards.  This is the website of the juice if anyone is interested in selling some or buying;

I guess these juice people party a lot together.  It sound’s like a cult that worship’s juice.  I mean, you buy into it, investing a good hunk of your money (cult-like), then you all hang out together and bask in the juices’ juicy goodness.  Juice and cult’s do not mix.  Especially when you throw in a bunch of desperate people looking to make money.  Nothing messes with your soul more than becoming a desperate salesman.  It’s like purposeful brainwashing.

And I bet if any of those Mona Vie people read this post, they would be extremely offended just like all the scientologist’s who were offended at that South Park episode.  Cult people are very defensive.

I’m almost too scared to post this, but what the hell…..heh heh.  What are they going to do?  Juice me?

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