Mother's day

My 11 year old niece is over here.  She’s upstairs singing on the karaoke machine and being very loud and disruptive. 

She want's to play with my new camera

My Pop is sitting in front of the tv watching a hunting show about shooting wild turkey.  Who watches stuff like that?  There’s only so many ways to shoot a turkey.

My Pop engrossed in his hunting show

My brother and Melissa

I want to write, but I’m so tired.  I’ve been having insomnia again.  Last night I watched “The Machinist” on Netflix.  Christian Bale, the man who played Batman, played an insomniac suffering from hallucinations.  He weighed only 119 pounds for the movie and was nearly unrecognizable if it wasn’t for those canine teeth of his.

The movie freaked me out.  All scary movie’s freak me out but I continue to watch them in case I’m faced with a difficult situation.  I can see that in order to survive, you don’t need to be good-looking, or super nice.  All you need to be is entertaining and win over the crowd.  As long as I have the audience on my side, zombie’s can’t hunt me down and kill me.  Plus, I’ll know how to kill zombie’s, vampire’s, or alien’s when they decide to unleash their fury.  I’m well prepared.  I just have to put up with those pesky nightmare’s that follow me around.  And I wish I wasn’t still afraid of the dark.


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  1. The truth shall make you free. -The Bible, John 8:32

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