Hidden enemies at work

I was listening to John Tesh dispensing his valuable words of wisdom yesterday on my ride home from work.  He said that you can learn a lot from your enemies at work.  Most likely the reason why they don’t like you is because they can see your flaw’s.  With their help, we can discover what they are. 

I’ve had a few enemies at work, and no matter what I did to appease them, they were still hateful toward me.  I’ve had many jobs, but there were only two people who gave me trouble. 

One of those people was Little chef.  She worked with me at the cafe in the New Britain museum of art.  I knew what fault’s she saw in me.  She thought I was lazy and ungrateful.  She was probably also resentful that I could reach the top shelf of the beverage cooler.  She stood about four feet high and carried around a big chefs knife all day.  If I accidently backed into her, she’d be serving up kidney pie.  

The second day we worked together I was sitting on the counter eating a ham sandwich swinging my feet around and listening to my ipod.  I was also most likely reading a book or doing a crossword.  She comes bursting in through the kitchen, before we were even open and starts in on me; 

“Get off the counter!  We got work to do!  It’s going to be busy today!” 

She had trouble keeping up with me the first day we worked together and now had those type-A personality jitters because she screwed up the day before. 


I'm pretty sure that was only ice tea in my hand, but who knows.

I was shocked, but remained seated eating my ham sandwich.  I felt like pissing her off.  I’m sure she told on me.  

I’ve been working there for two years before she arrived.  I knew how to do her job as well as mine.  I worked every Sunday there by myself for years (which was no picnic).  And now she’s trying to tell me what to do?  

The worst part was that it was only the two of us working the cafe.  I had to put up with her ALL day by myself. 

The chef before Little chef used to pop open bottles of champagne and eat all the stuffed shrimp that was on special for the day.  If we didn’t eat it, it would go bad.  My boss at that time was an older woman who became like a family member.  Spencer (the shrimp eating chef) and I would call her auntie Jackie.  She even loved seeing my friends come to visit everyday and would feed them lunch for free. 

They fired Jackie, Spencer quit and then came along Little chef with her big knives and quiet footsteps padding along behind me.  It became hazardous to work there.  The best little dream job became a nightmare.  A nightmare dressed in tiny tyke Kmart clothes. 

I’m not mean, I’m really not – but she was!  You’re just going to have to take my word for it.  

Sorry John Tesh, but I saw the flaw’s that Little chef seen in me, and you want to know what?  I like those flaw’s.  They show that I would never allow myself to grow a hemorrhoid from working at a cafe.  It also show’s that I’m not afraid of a little chef holding a knife to my back when I least expect it.  I really am brave.

(An added footnote:  I really wasn’t that lazy.  She was just a bitch no matter what I did.)


Now I’m at ME and I’m well liked by everyone, well I think I am anyway. 

They are the Charlie's angels of Massage. They kick ass...errr...Massage ass, rather


I love my job.  Massaging people is finally starting to grow on me.  And I love my co-workers!  But this is not going to derail me from joining the military.  I feel so content and comfortable right now that I can easily open my eyes tomorrow and it would be 50 years later.

glastonbury plaza

The sweet little plaza with our ME sign on the sidewalk.

Everybody has a story to tell.  I just want to make mine worth living.  And make it worth recording, and examining, and whatever else those great minds can be quoted on saying.

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