The Zen bar

I met Dave at the Zen bar yesterday.  He rode in on his BMW bike.

Dave with his helmet and bud light
He’s so sweet

1992 Bmw bike

 Before he got there, I was playing pool with the owner of the bar and eating bread sample’s from a bakery he wants to open.


I love inserting pic’s in my post, but I don’t know when to stop.  How many is too many?

Dave and I

It was just me, Dave and the owner.  We sat at the bar talking for a while.  He couldn’t hang out for long because his girlfriend wanted him home.   She’s getting a bit overbearing for him.  She sent him a relationship request on facebook so the whole world would know they’re dating.  But he refuses to respond to it. 

Dave left, and I still had half a beer to finish.   So, I boldly went up to a couple of strangers at the bar, introduced myself and asked if I can play a game of pool with them.  I’ve only seen lonely old men, pool sharks and perverts do this.  I’m not a lonely old man, but a perverted pool shark?  Maybe.  They cared more about dancing around the pool table than actually playing pool.  I knew they were dorks.  My kind of people.  I played one game with them and left.

I went to go visit Holly after the Zen bar.  I drove my little ford escort to her house.

ford escort

I can’t stop taking picture’s.

I’m at starbuck’s.  Time goes by so fast when I’m here.

This is my unchanging life.  This is me being content.  I’m content and it’s driving me crazy.  I need something a little more challenging than a job that puts people to sleep.

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