My new camera


I just bought an awesome new camera, so be prepared to see a lot more picture’s.

I went to my friend’s house after I  got my new camera and taken a bunch of picture’s of myself while sitting on her couch.  I also captured video of my friend, who was getting annoyed with me.  I want to post the video of her so bad, but she told me she’d never speak to me again.  My camera is a metallic red coolpix and I’m in love with it.  And, well clearly I’m in love with myself too.


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3 responses to “My new camera

  1. Steph

    LOL!!!!!!! You have to post the video! haha
    post it then take it down. i want to see it!

  2. navybound

    Oh man, you’re tempting me. It’s just Holly yelling at me to not film her because she was wearing her pajama’s. I’ll think of a way for you to see it.

  3. Steph

    LOL i love it!

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