The blogosphere

I ventured out yesterday into the WordPress blogosphere and read what my fellow bloggers are writing about. It was my first time doing so. There are a lot of beautifully written anecdotes out there, however, I’m not interested in any of them.
The blogs I found are all too kosher. They write mostly about their kids and their pets. They write about going to church, using green energy. There are blogs out there all about animals, art, computers. That’s all well and good, but I don’t want to see numerous pictures of some guys cat. I don’t care about a baby’s first words, or how wonderful life can be. Those things are important to people and I understand they would want to share them with the world, but I’m just not interested.
Where are all the other 30-year-old girls who still live at home with their parents? I want to read a blog similar to mine, but I can’t find any.
The blog’s I’ve read sound like after school specials. They remind me of old tv shows I grew up with like Full house or Family matters.  Are people just too scared to offend others?


Okay I found some cool blogs.  Now I’m worried that I’ll get tangled up in what other people are writing, that my own blog will start collecting dust.


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2 responses to “The blogosphere

  1. I agree with you 100 percent…Some of the Blogs are Blog-o-Boring!!

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