Verizon wireless called me an ass!

Okay, this is spooky.  I set up an online account with Verizon wireless a while ago so I can quickly pay my bill.  I just logged in tonight and noticed that they changed my name to ass!

It’s supposed to say ‘Welcome Melanie’, not ‘Welcome ass.’

verizon called me an ass

I don’t know what to make of it.  I certainly didn’t do it – I wouldn’t know how to do it.  It had to be some joker working at Verizon.  Possibly someone I know.  I think it’s funny.  If I called to complain about it, that would be a comical conversation.

“Why are you people calling me an ass?”

“I’m sorry?”

“An ass!  An ass!  Your website is calling me an ass!”

How did they know?

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One response to “Verizon wireless called me an ass!

  1. navybound

    I must have done this when I first opened the account. I can change the welcome massage under my account profile. I’m the one calling myself an ass, I just forgot about it.

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