Midnight in the basement

I live like a hermit in my parent’s basement.  I just squirted a whole colony of tiny black ants with windex.  They’re still on the floor.  Don’t worry, I’ll sweep them up eventually.  After the windex dries.

I don’t know what to watch on tv so I’m watching the preview channel.  The preview channel is playing City of Angels.  Nicolas Cage is frantically picking out pears at a grocery store.

It’s already midnight.  It feels like I just got home from work, but I been home for two hours now.  I don’t have enough time to unwind.  I need alcohol to speed up the process but I don’t have any. 

Nick Cage is swimming around in the ocean with his clothes on.  Okay, the movie is over.  Now what do I do?  Just sit here some more?  Watch tv some more?

It’s midnight on thursday, I’m lonely and can’t sleep.  Now I’m watching Ashton punk people.  My whole life is like the preview channel.  I want to see what’s out there, but end up settling with what I have.

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