Beautiful day

I am once again at Starbucks.  It’s busy today.  I wedged myself in my usual spot near the entrance so I can gawk at the people sitting outside on the patio enjoying the perfect day.

I’m bored.  It’s a complicated kind of boredom.  If today was my day off and I found myself sitting here at Starbucks writing my blog, I would not be bored.  I’m bored because I have to be back across the plaza inside ME by 3:30.  I’m bored because it is not my choice to be here. 

This is better than the alternative.  To sit inside the windowless break room reading my book and being intermittently interrupted by coworkers.  I was sitting here yesterday typing to you when a coworker found me here and sat across from me chatting away.

Now I’m alone and bored.

I woke up at 11 today and watched netflix on my tv.  I watched Buffy the vampire slayer while I ate lunch.  Now I want to wear dark eye makeup and hang a crucifix around my neck.  I want to slay evil.  I’m going to have a bigger purpose in life if it kills me.  And that bigger purpose is to get rid of vampires.

ME just called.  We have a walk-in client (not to be confused with a walk-in closet).  I Got to go.

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