Amendment to my Starbucks post

I need to amend two things.  The first is that my two friends that know about my blog aren’t exactly on the fringe of my social group, they are in fact totally in the mix.  But one lives halfway across the country, and the other is busy with work and school that I don’t get to see her as much as I would like. 

Second amendment is about not wanting to listen to my co-workers yammering on and on about their everyday lives.  The thing is, I have a lot on my mind.  A lot to worry about. I can’t fit what they say into my already crammed, over-flowing head of mine. 

I have friends that I love to listen to.  I love their stories – can’t get enough of them (that is why we’re friends).  But people I don’t know very well who talk non-stop to me about their lives – not letting me get a word in edge-wise, well, it’s just too much for my brain.

And I’m sorry but if they want to talk to me so badly, they have to be some-what interesting.  It’s like they talk to me only for the cathartic experience of ‘letting it all hang out.’  I feel used, and cheap.  Be mindful of my presence people, or just talk to the wall.

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