Someone from Cheshire read my blog

I indexed my blog with the Google search engine.  I expected my site to stay securely tucked away amongst the millions upon billions of websites out there.  I thought someone actually finding my blog was highly unlikely since I don’t have a whole lot of content, and I’m not spending money advertising, so WTF?

For the most part, I’m anonymous.  Two of my friends know about this blog.  Both of them, although they are my best-good friends, are respectively on the fringe of my immediate social circle.  I rarely see them, so it’s highly unlikely anything would slip out in casual conversation.  And I trust them to keep it on the DL.

Not like my blog is a big deal, cause it’s not, but I like having something just for me. 

When you have your site indexed on Google, they let you see how many people clicked on your website and what words they used in the search engine.  Someone typed in:  ‘hair maplecroft plaza cheshire ct.’  My site came up 8 links down from number 1.  This means someone from my town read my blog.

My friend Marleen asked where to take her kid for a hair cut and I told her to go to the family hair salon in the maplecroft plaza.  It is very possible that it was her that found my blog.  It’s such an amazing coincidence, but stuff like that happens all the time to me.

The real reason I don’t want complete exposure is that I don’t want people to pity me.  What if my writing (without my knowledge) is oozing in deprecating, unsophisticated self-pity?  What if I don’t make it into the military and next thing I know, my niece is moving out of her parents house with a high paying career, looking down on me scoffing?  My friends would alienate me, men would surely keep away, and all that I’m left with is this blog.

I’m still on break at Starbucks.  Just one iced coffee and I’m shaking and sweating.  I typed two whole entries while sitting here.  That’s very productive of me.  I still have more to write, but I gotta get back.


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3 responses to “Someone from Cheshire read my blog

  1. Steph

    I wish I lived in CT so I can not be on the fringe of your immediate circle of friends.
    I miss you!

    • navybound

      Sorry Steph, you’re actually more in touch with everyone than I am. You’re as close as close can be. It’s like you still live here. You are the absolute bestest! I’ll let everyone else in on my blog when the time is right. I’m just scared of what they’ll all say. I remember when we were 16 I used to read my journal to you. This is similar to that. I don’t want to hurt anyone, and now that you know about my blog, other people will be offended that I didn’t tell them. I’m a little anxious about that, I bite my lip. This is a good way for us to stay close.

  2. Steph

    Thanks Mel!!! You are the bestest too!!! I love you!!!
    I miss you so much and I agree that this is a good way for us to stay close 🙂
    I actually like that you told me before any of our friends.

    By the way you shouldn’t be afraid of what anyone says. this is your life and you live it the way you want.

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