What I did instead of running

I didn’t have to be in work until 4 pm yesterday.  That means I got to sleep for as long as I wanted.  I woke up to my phone ringing at 11 am.  It was my job calling.  I did what anyone would do and turned my phone on silent and tried to fall back to sleep.  When I finally decided to get up, I see that work has phoned 3 times.  I look at my phone confused, put it aside and took a shower.  I went to the mall and Starbucks.  When I was done with those, I went to work. 

Linda, my boss was calling me to tell me that she changed the schedule last-minute and that I am to work 11-4 on Tuesday instead of 4-10.  When I arrived at work, they tell me I was supposed to be there at 11.  This means I have the day off.  I am happy I don’t have to work and feel only mildly guilty.  I go home, watch an online episode of “The Office,”  then go over Holly’s house for a dirty beefeater martini straight up.

And today I didn’t go running either.  I had to be in work at 2pm, so during the day I watched a japanese movie called “Departures” on Netflix (I love Netflix!).  The movie was great.  I recommend it.  Then I played on the Wii a little bit and went to work.  After work I stopped over at Billy O’s for exactly two drinks.  This time it was really only two drinks.  Kristina, Holly, Dan and my brother were there.  It was open mic and I knew a few of the people playing.  My friend Dan went up there and played “Wonderwall” and “Cumbersome.” Good  times, but short-lived.  Its Wednesday and we all have to work tomorrow. 

I seen a dead skunk in the road on my way home from the bar.  It had a white stripe down its tail and I can’t recall if that means it’s a girl skunk or a boy skunk.  As I got closer, it’s mate crept out of the shadows and crossed the street over to where it’s fallen comrade lie motionless. I must be super emotional tonight because this was the saddest thing I have witnessed in quite some time.  The skunk that went to check on its friend didn’t have a white stripe down it’s tail.  It was of opposite sex.  I slowed my car because it would be a shame if they ended up side by side both dead in the road.  I thought about pulling over to check and see if that skunk was really dead, but I would’ve gotten sprayed by its buddy.  Not only his buddy, but if the dead skunk was still alive, he would’ve sprayed me too for one last hurrah.  That would be a funny phone call out of work;  “I can’t come to work today, I’ve been sprayed by two skunks.” 

“How’d you manage that?”

“I checked out a dead skunk in the middle of the road last night.  Come to find out he wasnt dead or alone.”

“Uh huh…..”

Bed time for me.  Night’ yall.

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