My Monday

Today is Monday and I had one client at In Touch Massage and spa.  After my client I went home and tried to hang up my chin-up bar in the door frame but failed miserably.  I need my Dad’s expertise.  He’s going to do it for me even though he doesn’t know its ultimate purpose is to prepare me for the Navy.

I went out to a bar called Central tonight.  I met my good friend Dave and his friend Matt.  Nothing much happened except I tried my first flaming dr. pepper shot.  It’s armoretto topped with 151.  The 151 is highly flammable, so you light it on fire before you throw the whole shot in a pint of beer and chug it down.  It tastes like dr. pepper. 

Dave gave me my Valentines/birthday present.  I got a teddy bear and an old tin can of this stuff called Mister Ice.  It’s an old tin can meant to be frozen and used like an ice pack.

teddy and mister ice

Tomorrow I’m going running before work. I mean it.  I’m going.  I’ll post to let you know how many times I make it around the track.

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