Smoking and meat

I quit smoking twice in my life.  The first time was when I was 20 working as a dietary aide in Cheshire convalescent home.  I just did not crave cigarettes, did not care about them anymore.  But an older woman who I worked with wanted me to keep smoking so she would still have a smoking buddy. She gave me one every time we went on break.  We would take about 8 breaks a day. I started buying my own pack just for working with her.  That pack would linger in my car and eventually I picked it up again. 

The second time I quit smoking was about three years ago.  It was the same feeling as before, I just didn’t crave them.  However, going out and drinking with people who smoked made it difficult to quit entirely.  I would smoke only one cigarette when I went out to bars or what-not.  That worked for a long time, maybe 8 months.  Then I went to visit friends up in VT who drank and smoked constantly.  I spent a week up there smoking when they did.  Then my friend bought me a pack of Marlboro’s for the trip home which was only 2 hours away.  I picked it up again.

It was unplanned both times I quit.  It happened out of the blue.  This time it’s happening again, but instead of cigarettes, its with meat.  I just don’t want to eat meat anymore.  No chicken. No beef.  I could never get rid of fish, I LOVE fish and all types of seafood. 

The decision happened today while I was listening to NPR.  They were talking about the mediterranean diet and how much more healthier it is than the typical american diet.  That was all it took to convert me. 

I’m a person who eats just about anything that’s put in front of me.  Ranging from beaver chili to japanese octopus salad.  In fact I’ve snackd on liver pate’ all week that my mom made from scratch.  Now out of nowhere, I have absolutely no desire to keep eating meat.  It’s not that I don’t like it, but from what I hear, it’s not healthy.  Why bother eating something unhealthy if I don’t even crave it?

How do I get that way again for smoking?  It’s cognitive dissonance where we make the unconscious decisions (see my Jan. 29 post).

To really quit smoking, it has to happen in a deep place.  Otherwise you’re going to be crabby with insane cravings.  The two times I quit, I was absolutely fine.  I had no withdrawal, no desire for nicotine.  God given me two free escape passes.  Will he grant me another? 

Anyway, I doubt they will have vegetarian meals in the military.  I guess I’ll start eating meat again when that time comes.  I read in the book Fast Food Nation that the military feeds their soldiers something like grade E meat.  Thats the lowest grade you can get before your body starts rejecting it.  I’ll be in the latrines quite often.

I’m watching Lost.  Its hard to blog while watching this show.


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3 responses to “Smoking and meat

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    • navybound

      Wow thank you so much! I just got back from vacation. I been gone 7 days without my laptop and started going a little nuts. I have a few interesting posts just waiting to bust out of me about my trip. I’m super tired right now so hopefully I’ll post tomorrow.
      I feel fabulous after reading your comment. I’m litterally shaking with enthusiasm. This makes me want to stay up all night to write more and more. Once I get started its hard to stop. Ok. I must sleep.

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