I've never blogged before

This is my fifth post to my first and only blog and I feel the strings of addiction already wrapping its spindly web. These past few days my obsession with the Navy has switched to thoughts on; ‘what should I write in my blog?’  This blog was supposed to help in jettisoning me into the navy. To give me strength and guidance. Instead its corrupting my whole study schedule.
As of yet, I have not been to see a Navy recruiter. I have not started exercising. I have not told my parents or my closest friends. No, I’m lollygagging instead. Gagging on a big ol’ lolly.
I woke up at 1pm today. Sun is shining, its about 30 degree’s. I could be hiking up sleeping giant right now.

What I have been doing to slowly eek my way into preparation is by studying for the ASVAB. The ASVAB is sort of like a placement test. The higher you score, the more jobs you can choose from. Its simple enough that a kid in high school can ace it as long as he paid attention in his classes. I however, never did such a thing.

There are about 11 categories: Science, math basics, word problems, paragraph comprehension, algebra, geometry, electronics, auto, shop, mechanical and assembly.

The kids who go to technical school could easily ace it because they learn all that auto, shop, mechanical and assembly stuff, whereas I don’t know my ass from my elbow.

I’m up to paragraph comprehension in my studies, then I’ll only have 7 more subjects. I bought the 597 page ‘McGraw-Hill’s ASVAB’ study book. It came with a CD-ROM packed with practice tests. It was the most expensive ASVAB study book, so I figured it was the best. And I want to do my part in helping the economy.

I just ate some beaver chili and it made me run to the bathroom (see last post).

I think I have a cold. I keep blowing my nose. WTF.

I’m going to start studying for the ASVAB, but hopefully I’ll be back later tonight to write about how great of a hobby blogging is.

I know nobody is reading this blog. I’m actually a bit scared of logging into my wordpress account and seeing hits to my site. When I see there are no hits, I take a sigh of relief. I really don’t make much sense, do I?


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2 responses to “I've never blogged before

  1. Laure

    Lol, well I’m reading your blog. I too am contemplating joining the military but my desired branch is the Air Force. I’m not straight out of high school either, I’m turning 24 in a few days. I have a BBA but with no experience(no internships or previous work in my field), I’m not desirable on paper. The military intrigues me because it’s a change of pace(I’m bored), I will be serving my country, getting hands-on training, and will just feel like I’m doing something with my life. I will give myself until August to find an entry into my career. If there’s nothing by then, I’m going to the recruiter.

    • navybound

      My friend Zac is in the airforce and he loves it. Good luck to you! I’m going to go see a recruiter by august too. I’m a bit nervous. Really nervous actually.

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